Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How to make Leggings

Draft a  leggings pattern according to own measurements and sew for you or others.
It is very simple and does not take much time for cutting and sewing. I hope this tutorial will help you in  making your own leggings. you can sew for your kids also with their measurement. This  is simple legging.

Pattern Draft 
 The measurements that you need :-
   Seat -  (width)
  Circumference of the ankle

 AB = CD = Seat/4 + 1.5 inch  or 2 inch
 AC =  BD = Length + 3.5 inch
 AH  = 3/4 inch
 JG =  Seat/3 ( Crotch )
AJ  = BK = 1.5 inch ( for belt )             
 CE =  BD = 1 inch ( for folding )
 DI = Half round of the ankle measurement + 1/2 inch (ankle)
 These measurements are along with the seam allowance. 
If you want little gathers you can add 4 to 5 inch to length.
Fold the cloth twice so as to obtain 4 layers according to the width and length measurements.
Mark the crotch length , from crotch point. Draw a line to connect to AB  which is marked 3/4 inch inside that is  "H".
Mark the ankle measurement and join the crotch to ankle by a curved line.
Cut along HG and the curve GI. After cutting, you will obtain a piece somewhat like this.
here is legging stitching . 

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  1. You did not tell how much elastic you take and how to sticth that.Some people say to cut chridar on bias fabric.😯