Monday, June 10, 2013

Grid Tiered Skirt

After having tried A-line skirts, my daughter now moved on to sewing a tiered skirt this time. To make the skirt look more lovely and beautiful  she thought of making a grid tiered skirt. the finished skirt measures around 24" in length and 25" at the waist. She used three different cloth materials for this purpose - a brown colored one(i'll call it C1), a pink one with a floral pattern (C2) and a sky blue tie n dyed one(C3). 
 If you too wanna make this skirt by yourself, lets begin with the instructions.

1. First, for the top tier which measures 40", you need to take 4 pieces of cloth (of any color combination as you may like) each measuring 11"(10" length + 0.5" each side for seams) X 9.5" (6" actual length + 0.5" seam on the bottom side + (1+1)" for elastic + 1" for seaming elastic).

 2. For rest of the tiers, you can 6 cut pieces measuring 11"(10" + 1" for seams at left and right sides) X 7"(6" + 1" for seams at upper and lower sides). You can think of combining the different colored pieces of cloth in any way as you can think of. What i did was, i took the C1 in all the tiers alternating with the C2 and C3 alternatively as you can see in the picture showing the completed skirt.

3. For the third tier, cut 8 pieces of various colors having measurements similar to the pieces you cut in the previous step. For the fourth and final tier, cut 10 such pieces.


4. Join all the pieces assigned for a tier individually. Now, lets move on to the next part. Now, stitch the second tier over the first in a frilled manner as done here. Go on and do the same with all other tiers.

5. Next, seam the lower edge. We're now left with the waist band. Sew at the upper side of the first tier with a seam length of  1" so that you can conveniently insert your elastic in that gap. 

Finally the skirt would look something like this! Great. Its done! Thumbs up!

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