Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Dughter's first Sewing Attempt

Hello everyone. My daughter's exams got over just this week. She has been watching me sewing since she was a kid. She has been learning all throughout these years without me teaching her particularly. Yesterday she thought of sewing a skirt for her cousin. Here's how she made it.

I was just amazed at her work. she sew with such perfection that i just cudn't believe. No one would believe this skirt's been sewn by a novice, a beginner, one who has never ever sewn anything.
She started off with a rectangle piece of green cloth. she cut it into two, added the polka dot orange piece on both sides of the two pieces.

Then she added a dark green waist band. The measurement taken for the waist band was that of the hip. She also sew the drawstring.

Next was the bottom where she added the green piece again. Now to make it more beautiful she added a strip of the orange cloth.

And finally she also sewed two pockets out of the orange cloth.

So that was her first attempt and it turned out to be really good. I hope if she goes on like this, she's soon gonna be a sewing pro!

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