Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Summer Froly Dress

 hello everyone... its been a long time since i posted something.... my daughter had vacations recently and like me she too got herself into sewing in free time... now its her newly found hobby n shes crazy about it.

this time she sewed this frock.. honestly speaking, i just loved it.  the pattern nd everything - she designed it all herself.. good amount of mathematical calculations she has put into making this piece.. She made this out of two old dresses.

This is how it looks....

and the back...

Now, let me tell u how this was made. Let's start with the back. 

She wanted to insert an invisible zip, so she had to take two halves for the back. So each half was again divided into two diagonal halves so as to give the appearance as u see in the photo.


 n now the front piece... it is full of diagonal strips as u can see.. the green n yellow ones alternately arranged.. the diagonal pieces starting from the neck area eased her work of sewing the neckline....

 and this makes the front piece.. onto  some cutting now n then joining the front and back pieces.. this frock is a sleeveless one so u need not worry about sleeves.. the arm border has a red binding , the same thing she applied for the border of the bottom piece also..
 For the bottom part.. its just six pieces of vertical cut cloth arranged in such a way that the green one comes in the centre both back n front... n ther u are ... THE FROCK'S READY!!!!

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