Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Under stitching

Hey friends! Here's another series of posts/tutorials. I'm gonna teach you some specific types of sewing techniques. This tutorial is on "Understitch".

 "Under stitching" is simple straight stitch. It keeps  the facing or lining  lying flat and  unseen. It also prevents facing or lining from rolling towards right side.

Attach the facing or lining to the garment and stitch it.
After stitching, trim the seam allowance. If you are stitching curved shape, clip into a curved seam at intervals. Press the seam allowances towards the facing or lining .

 Stitch through the facing and seam allowances  together and  as close as  to the seam line. Now the facing or lining turn easily inside of the garment.

So you're done!!! Stay tuned for my next posts... :)

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