Thursday, November 19, 2015

Simple Easy tutorial on sewing a bias strip

Hey sew-lovers! Time for another tutorial. In this post, we are going to see how to sew a bias strip.

We have to start with a triangular (preferably an isosceles one, obtained on folding a square in half  diagonally) (Fig.1)
Fig. 1
Draw parallel lines as in fig. 2.  The width of each piece and the total number of pieces is upto you to decide.
Fig. 2

Cut along the drawn lines. As said earlier, you can have as many poieces as you want... this would determine the length of your bias strip.(fig. 3)

Fig. 3
 Keep all the pieces horizontally and cut the extra small triangular pieces as in fig. 4
Fig. 4
THe next aspect is joining two pieces. Look at the two pieces in fig. 5. Keep the two pieces one over the other such that 'B' of the 2nd piece coincides over 'A' of the first piece. Take a diagonal stitch as in fig. 6
Fig. 5

Fig. 6
Then, trim off the extra triangular part as in fig 7.

fig. 7
Turn over. You must have got something like fig. 8
fig. 8
Keep adding the rest of the pieces in the same manner to increase the length. And the bias strip is done!!

Hope this tutorial helps.....


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