Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Plz enjoy sewing this dress for ur newborn baby.


Chest 20" shoulder 8" length 13". these are sample measurements but you will have to take your baby's measurements.  

 1.                    1 to 2;    3 to 4 = chest /4 +1 1/2"
 2.                    1 to 3;    2 to 4 = length + 2"
 3.                    1 to 5;    2 to 6;  7 to 3;   8 to 4 = 1 "
 4.                    5 to 10;  5 to 9 = 2"
 5.                    5 to 13      =     1/2 shoulder
 6.                    10 to 13    =     2"
 7.                    10 to 11;   13 to 11  =  1/2 of 10-13
 8.                    11 to 12    =    3/4"
 9.                    6 to 14      =    chest/6
10.                   14 to 16    =    16 to 8
11.                   16 to 15    =    1/2"


1. fold the cloth along the line 1-2.  this is the breadth measurement. now it is two layered.

2. now fold the cloth  lengthwise according to the length measurement (along the line 1-3). now it is four layered.

3. take the neck measurement from the folded side. (5-9, 5-10)

4. 13-6, 14-6 is the armpit at the open side of the cloth.

5. at last cut along 9-10, 10-12, 12-13, 13-14, 14-8.


1. First stitch 1" fold at the bottom (3-7, 4-8) . sew back , and front portion separately.

2  take long cross piece which is 1"wide and fold it i  half and sew it. Now attach this piece to the body parts  from shoulder to shoulder for binding, but see that the right side of the body part and strip are together. if u  have no lengthwise piece then you can make it through  bias strips ( cut small  1"wide cross pieces . and join  each one , but  remember one thing that the two strips' right side are together and they make right angles with each other and look like v-shaped strips placed side by side. in this way you can make a lengthy bias strip) 

Stitch the strips similarly on the other side
3 again fold in  half  the strip and keep the other ending at the back side of the part and sew it (do not take total fold to the back side of the part). When u are stitching it should look like piping sew two body parts separately. 

4  join the two body parts from shoulder to bottom

5  make 10" long and 1" wide strips (4 of them),and attach the strips to shoulder (12 in fig.) separately for tying at shoulder. For tying the strips you make it or purchase it as you wish.
the dress is ready to wear, if it is a plain cloth you can embroider.


  1. its really a good work you have done. if you had shown one fully stitched dress it would have been easy for us to understand. I can't understand 11, 12, 13 and that hood like thing.

    1. @ agnes
      10 -13 along 12 is the shoulder which is a little curve shaped. i've uploaded a stitched dress as you asked which will help you understand better.and by the way thank you for your comment.

  2. Very neat draft & very clear instructions to follow. I would like to have tutorial along with draft for a dress for 7/8 yr old girl.

  3. Thank you so much for your sooo helpful blog. I would like to see such a helpful tutorials more from you please .

  4. Man, can u post drafting for front open Jabla for new born?

  5. iam new to stiching i like ur blog..... very much it give so much of details nd measuremnts....thanku.i need to knw where i can get cloths for stiching baby clthes...

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