Monday, December 30, 2013

How to stitch a Fabric tube

 Fabric tube tutorial method.  1

   Cut the  piece in rectangle shape, the width of  the piece   depends on the tube size you want,
   the length may be according to your wish, suppose the tube   size     is 1/4" inch then the width 
   of the piece is 1" inch, fig 1
           fig 1             
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Fold the piece in half  lengthwise and sew the wrong side edges together, it means the right side of the piece is inside of the tube.the fig 2 and 3 are shown for you to clearly understand.

fig 2

 now you insert the edge part into the tube with the help of  the stick. like fig push the wrong side  piece in side.

fig 3

             The fig 4 shows the tube hole.

Start   pushing the fabric down over the tube.

 now it is creating more ruffles in the fabric. keep scrunching and sliding of the fabric   until the fabric right side out.

   Now you have the inside out  through the tube . The below  fig shows the stick is inside the tube and fabric  right side is out side now remove the stick your work is done. 

tubes are ready. the second one tube is slightly narrow  (1/2cm) than  first one .

you can use the tubes in your sewing projects in many ways.

 i have used this tube in my sewing project neckline

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