Monday, December 30, 2013

How to stich Square step border neckline

Square step border neckline 

A -B , C-D          -   The neck width
A-C ,  C-D          -   Neck depth 
 I  have taken neck width 2 1/2 or 3 inches,and neck depth
7 inch. see  the below fig. 1
C - E                          -    neck width
 D                               -     midpoint of the C -E. That means  C - D , D - E is1 1/4. see the below fig 2
Fig 2

       measure 2 inches upward  like fig 3

                                              Fig 3

    C -D , E - F, F- G  is 1 /14 inch,  which is already mentioned in the fig 2
   C - E , D - F                   - 2 inch.  Draw the lines and cut the neck line piece along    
   the marking, as in fig 4 and fig 5.


Fig 4

Fig 5

 fig 6 shows the border cloth which i  have used as a border of the neckline.

Fig 6

 Fig 7

 place the main neckline cutting piece over the folding of the border piece (fig 7),  draw and  cut along the main neckline as  shown in the fig 8.

Fig 8
fig 9 shows,  the border piece and main piece necklines after cutting.

Fig 9

Fig 10
 Now place the right side of the  border piece over the wrong side of the main piece,it means the right and wrong sides are fig 10, for convenience, pinning both of the pieces along the neckline (fig 11 )
Fig 11

In the fig 12 the blue line indicates the stitching line.
Fig 12

  the fig 13 shows after stitching of the neckline.
Fig 13

Cut slightly the stitched neckline here and there. the figures 14 and 15 shows
Fig 14

Fig 15

Fig 16
Flip the border piece towards the right side of the main piece as in fig 16 and 17.

Fig 17

The fig 18  and 19 indicates right   and wrong side of the neckline after fliping
Fig 18

Fig 19

 If you want  add the  cross pieces  to the design as in fig.20, cut the fabric tube into two pieces ,each measuring length 2-3 as in fig.20 and attach the fabric  tubes to the wrong side of the neckline. (only corner to corner) here is the link for the fabric tube tutorial

now stitch the edges of the neckline where  the borderline is flipped towards the right side of the neckline as in fig 21 and 22.
Fig 21

Fig 22

 Fold the raw edges of the border and attach the main piece as in
fig 23
Fig 23

 final figure of the neckline shown in fig 24 and 25.

Fig 24

Fig 25

the width of the border -as you wish.


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