Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Legging stitching method

The legging is simple and easy to stitch. I have already detailed the legging drafting in my previous post . This  material is not stretchable so I stitched it a little bit loose for my convenience.

To begin with, Take the measurements seat/4+ 3 inch.

Fold the cloth such that you obtain 4 layers according to the seat measurements.
Mark the length ( see the draft)  .  Mark the shape of legging at the open  side.
Mark  2.5" down from top of the edge for waist belt.( my waist belt is 1" i have taken double of the belt size + 1/2" for folding inside) from there measure down the full length and mark(G-H). and again mark 1" down for folding.
Mark 3/4" from the open side as A-C in fig. 1
 Mark the crotch (seat/3) B-D then draw  line to  connect  C.
As fig E-F shows the knee circumference and G-H ankle circumference + 1".  draw the slightly curved line from crotch to ankle as in fig and cut along the line.
    fig 1
  1. fig 2 
Fig 2.     I attached the gore pieces at the crotch point according to my comfort. if you wish to attach cut the gore  in 2 pieces,otherwise no need.  
 After cutting the fabric you obtain this shape.

Attach the gore at the crotch point on the right side of the (both right sides are together)  one leg piece as fig.4  and attach another edge of the gore to another leg piece as i draw the line which indicates no 1 and 2 in fig. 5 then from there where the no 2 indicates you have to stitch both leg pieces together until top of edge. see fig 6, 7 and 8
fig 4
After attaching the crotch shape the legging looks as in fig 9,10
Sew the bottom folding first fold the edges by 1/2" and  turn them again by another 1/2"and sew  along the fold . The bottom fold is 1/2" width.
sew the edges of the leg piece together with 1/2" seam allowances from  one leg piece bottom edge  to another leg  piece bottom edge.
Now moving to the waist band ; you first fold the raw edge  to the wrong side of the casing by 1/2",   as in fig 11.
Again fold by casing  width which you desired  as in fig 12 and  stitch  around and leave 2" for insert the elastic as in fig 13.

fig 13
Fig 14 ,15 shows the  the elastic inserting the casing, pin the elastic one ending and insert the pin  and pushing it through  the casing

When you push the pin  inside the casing you will see that it makes more ruffle,push the pin until the elastic comes outside ,  stitch the both elastic edges together and stitch the casing open. 
I have stitched one line around over the elastic casing.  
fig 15

Finally the legging is over

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  1. Hi Kamala, this is amazing work! I am about to start a blog too and would like to talk to you for some advice. Is there a way I can contact you or e-mail you? Thank you!