Saturday, February 14, 2015

Crochet Applique Top

When I saw  my mother crocheting  this  design for something else, I asked her if Icould use it for a top. Then, i started off with the top. 

I chose this top to be simple, so I thought the crochet pattern would fit it well.

Before cutting the neckline, I attached the pattern to the centre of the part, by hand, with running     stitch.When it appeared perfect to me , I finished it off by giving final touch on the  sewing machine.     

    After attaching the pattern, I cut the neckline.

 To give it more elegance, I sewed the binding on the neckline  by a same colored fabric as the  patttern.
 I used the same fabric for the border of the sleeves and the  bottom.

lastly I joined the back and front parts together and attached the sleeves to bodice piece. and there it is..


  1. that's really beautiful. you have great sense of art and creativity and knowledge as well. and u surely know how to teach others