Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Evening Gown

My latest project is this evening gown... the circumference of the gown I really large.. u wont      believe it if i say it was around 5.5 m!!!! My daughter wished for such a gown some time ago... 
I was searching for a good fabric.. finally I'm relieved that i hav done it at last.....

This is a self-drafted dress. I traced the measurments directly onto the cloth. I cut the bodice, sleeves, collar, skirt, and long stripe. First I cut two pieces for the front bodice as it is like a shirt in its upper part. For the back part,  I cut as usual, but separately {as i previously got the front part}. I have used normal sleeves for this garment. It is a half circle/umbrella skirt . I chose the red color fabric as it is there in the bodice fabric and interface.  I cut the long strip of red cloth {seen in below and right in the following image} for the skirt's bottom.

So, that was the cutting part.. Now coming to the sewing and attaching phase,  I started with sewing the 3 darts on the front, towards the sides & on the back parts.                  

Next I sewed the the button plackets and  attached  red color fabric on the button hole placket  which looked really nice when done.

I stitched  three sides of the collar  with interfacing, after which, I used  binding along three sides of the collar with bodice fabric.            

 Nextly, I joined the shoulders and then attached the finished collar to the neckline.




I added the binding  to the sleeves and attached the sleeves into armhole, then sewed  the sleeve-seams and side-seems of the dress .


At the bottom of the skirt I used double layered red color fabric ,which beautified the entire look of the gown along with increasing the length of the skirt (which was what I intending n the first place ;p)

Lastly I sewed the bodice and skirt pieces together.

And then.... the gown was ready... Yippie!!


  1. Very nice... Can u explain step by step how to cut and stitch the collor?

  2. Nice Idea... Its looking to easy to stitched the gown but I know this is not so easy work. Better enjoy designer kurtis online shopping.