Saturday, October 3, 2015

How to Make a Simple Salwar - Part 2- Cutting

Hey frnds.. this is the second post in simple salwar sewing tutorial series..
(the first part - the drafting
  & the last part - the sewing)

In this post, we're gonna see the measurements n cutting part... so lets get started...

1. First of all, take the whole cloth. Fold it in half width-wise. It should then look like fig 1. 
 (Please refer the 'drafting post' for details).

Fig. 1 

 2. Follow Fig.1 and cut the waist piece as indicated. Now you will obtain 2 pieces as in figs. 2 & 3.

Fig. 3 Waist piece
Fig. 2 main cloth piece after cutting waist piece
lets name this piece as 'the main piece'
3. Fold 'the main piece' lengthwise into half. (you will obtain four layers of fabric)
4. Now mark (full length minus waist piece length) on the folded cloth as in fig.2 (see the dotted line)
5. Now, take 1/2 of ankle circumference and mark as shown in Fig. 4. also add 1" for seam                     allowance as in Fig. 5 (green line indicates 1/2 ankle circumference & blue line indicates seam           allowance).  

Fig. 4

Fig. 5
  6. The crotch length is measured and marked in the main piece as in Fig. 6 (to know how to                     calculate required crotch length, please check the 'Drafting' post)      

Fig. 6
   7. To make a crotch curve like in Fig. 7, start 1" inwards n extend till the point you marked in the            above step. Cut along this curve.


Fig. 7
8. Join the two points you marked in steps 5 & 6 like u see in fig. 8. that is, the crotch point and the         point where the blue line in Fig.5 ends. Make it like a curve. Now, cut along it.

Fig. 8

9. you will now have a peice like the one you see in Fig. 9.

Fig. 9
10. Also cut some strips of cloth for making the draw-string and sewing the ankle facing.

So. now you are ready with all the required pieces. You are now done with the cutting part...  NExt, now get ready for the sewing part.. here's the next post in this series.

Happy Sewing friends....

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