Sunday, October 4, 2015

How to Make a Simple Salwar- Part 1 -Drafting


 Hello friends..!!! here's me with another tutorial. I'm back again but after a long gap.. Well I feel  great to be blogging again.

 So, today i'm gonna tell you how to make a simple salwar.  I'm covering this in about 3 posts. I have  provided the links to the remaining posts at the end of this post.

 At first, we're gonna learn the drafting part. Follow the instructions carefully.

 For making a simple salwar, obviously you will require fabric. :). see the fig. 1. Now spread your  fabric (ABCD). fold it in half lengthwise (that is along GH) and then width-wise (along EF).

Fig. 1

Measurements Needed

  • Length of the Salwar
  • Hip 
  • Ankle Circumference ( Bottom opening)

Drafting of the pattern (Refer Fig.2) 

 AC  =  BD    =        Full length of salwar

 AB  =  CD    =        Half of the width of fabric
 AE  =  BF     =        Waist length                                                
 EC  =  FD     =        Length of the salwar  + 1"                                                      

 FH                =        Crotch length
 FG                =        1" inward
 CJ                 =        1/2 of the ankle
 JI                  =         1"  seam allowance

Fig. 2

Waist (Refer to Fig. 3)

LM          =          1/2  of the  Hip measurement + 4"
ON           =         1/6 of the hip + 2" ( for casing and joining the salwar leg piece)

LO is on fold   that is you fold the fabric double in width         

Fig. 3
 For bottom opening    you cut the strip of a fabric of width 3" and  length of  is equal to CI  (ankle Circumference that is in fig 2)

Fig. 4

So, you have completed the drafting part.. You are now ready to cut the fabric..

Follow the next post for 'Cutting' details
Also check out the 'sewing' part  later..

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