Tuesday, October 20, 2015

How to stitch a Flat-Felled seams

Everybody!! I'm here with yet another tutorial. So this post is  about Flat-Felled Seams.

Flat-Felled Seam keeps the raw edges hidden and allows them to lie flat along the seam allowances. Also, the seam will have a neat finish and the dress looks good on both sides (inside and out). Flat-felled seam includes a pair of stitch lines one of which is seen on one side and the other seam line on the other. So, it can be sewn inside or outside.

If you want to show the flat- fell seam on the wrong side of the dress, sew the right sides together.



 After sewing, press the seam open on both sides .

On one of the sides of the seam allowances, mark a line 1/2" half of the seam allowances (the dotted lines in the image below).


Trim only one side of the seam allowance where dotted . 

 Press the  untrimmed seam allowance over the trimmed allowance. Fold the pressed seam allowance under the raw edge of the trimmed seam allowance.


Then edge stitch close along the fold, such that  all the raw edges are inside. (as in above fig flat-felled seam  shows on the wrong side of the dress.)

The image above shows the right side of the dress.

If you want to show the flat-felled seam on the right side of the dress, then keep the wrong sides together and sew it. and follow the same method  as above said.

In  the above fig the flat-felled seam is shown on the right side of the dress.

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